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Injections deliver a dose of pain-relieving medication directly to the damaged tissue that’s causing your discomfort. At the Washington Pain Center in Washington, D.C., John Dombrowski, MD, a triple board-certified pain management specialist, offers customized injection therapy to address joint, nerve, and soft tissue pain. Call the Washington Pain Center or schedule a consultation online today to discover if injection therapy is right for you.

Injection Therapy Q & A

What is injection therapy?

Dr. Dombrowski uses injection therapy for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes at the Washington Pain Center. While injections deliver strong anti-inflammatory medication and other pain relievers directly to injured tissue, he can also use the injections to diagnose the location of your injury correctly. For example, if the injection relieves your pain, it confirms his diagnosis.

Injection therapy includes trigger point injections, nerve blocks, and joint injections. Dr. Dombrowski often uses fluoroscopy — a special type of X-ray — for guided injection treatments, ensuring the needle is placed in the correct location.

What happens during injection therapy?

Dr. Dombrowski administers injection therapy at the Washington Pain Center. Depending on the location of your injection, you may need to change into a hospital gown before your procedure.

You rest on a treatment table or fluoroscopy table with the injection site exposed. Dr. Dombrowski cleans your skin and applies a topical numbing cream to the injection site. Then, he inserts the needle into your body and releases the medication.

Injection therapy usually includes medication to reduce inflammation, nerve compression, and muscular tension. Anti-inflammatory medication is often combined with a local anesthetic such as lidocaine. The lidocaine provides immediate pain relief while the anti-inflammatory reduces the swelling and relieves compressed nerves or other related painful issues.

If you have the injection in your spine or a joint, Dr. Dombrowski uses fluoroscopy to guide the needle to the correct location. For example, if he provides a facet joint injection in your spine, he needs to make sure the needle reaches the appropriate part of your spine before releasing the medicine.

Am I a candidate for injection therapy?

If you live with chronic pain, due to inflammation or nerve compression, injection therapy may be an effective treatment to relieve your pain. At the Washington Pain Center, Dr. Dombrowski provides comprehensive exams and consultations to diagnose the cause of your pain and identify the best possible treatments to relieve it.

Call the Washington Pain Center or make an appointment online today to learn more about injection therapy and how it can fit into your pain management program.