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At The Washington Pain Center, John F. Dombrowski, MD specializes in advanced minimally invasive diagnostics and treatment modalities for a variety of chronic spine and pain conditions. Most procedures are performed under X-ray guidance for precise localization and added safety. Examples of our state-of-the-art technology include the use of radio frequency technology and spinal cord stimulation.

Dr. Dombrowski offers comprehensive care for a full range of chronic pain conditions and coordinates care with our growing network of primary care physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, occupational medicine physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and cognitive-behavioral psychologists.

He is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients with chronic pain. Through a coordinated approach, we strive to offer the best options for pain relief and functional improvement. Dr. Dombrowski is board certified with advanced specialty training in pain medicine. He is on staff at Georgetown University Hospital and Suburban Hospital. Furthermore, Dr. Dombrowski is a published author, has been seen on The Today Show to discuss the latest technologies in pain medicine, and is a respected educator in the Pain Management community.

The Washington Pain Center is designed specifically for the care of patients in pain. We understand the physical and emotional toll pain can cause in both the patient as well as the patient’s family. With this in mind, we will always schedule appointments within 24 to 48 hours of phone calls. We also pride ourselves on our “personal touch”. Our telephones are always answered by our professional office staff; answering machines are only used during the lunch break.

In keeping with the personal touch and the aspect of concierge medicine, patients at the Washington Pain Center never see a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. They are only seen by a physician, Dr. John Dombrowski. At the end of a consultation and/or procedure, every patient is given Dr. Dombrowski’s cell phone number should there be any questions or concerns. This personal touch adds to the success of the Washington Pain Center.

The Washington Pain Center also provides care in a multidisciplinary manner. Appropriate patients are referred to physical medicine rehabilitation, neurologist, physical therapist or internist for appropriate medical management. This team approach is individually tailored so that the patient has access to the best possible care for his specific needs. The Washington Pain Center does not have any financial interest in referrals.

Who benefits from Pain Management Services?

Whether long-lasting or recently developed, pain can interfere with the quality of your life — restricting activity and even causing you to become depressed. Some people come to us seeking relief from short-term or acute pain usually caused by an injury or surgery. Most people who use our services suffer from long-term or chronic pain, which doesn’t always have an easily identifiable cure.

Our goal at The Washington Pain Center is to identify the source of your pain, alleviate or ease the pain and teach you to manage it so you can return to a normal, productive lifestyle as soon as medically possible.

If you are experiencing pain and would like to visit the Center, please talk with your family physician and ask to be referred to us. The Washington Pain Center offers an excellent opportunity for lasting pain relief while teaching you how to manage pain in a way that permits you to lead a productive life.

We understand how pain can affect every part of your life, every hour of your day. At The Washington Pain Center, our goal is to help you manage your pain and resume a more normal, productive life by stopping the pain from managing you.

We believe that when you understand the nature of your pain, you are better prepared to manage it. That is why we devote ourselves to:

  • Determining the cause of your pain through advanced diagnostic tests.
  • Easing or eliminating pain using state-of-the-art medical and interventional treatments.
  • Improving functional capabilities through aggressive, personalized physical therapy programs.
  • Teaching skills that will make coping with pain easier and will help you regain control of your body and your life.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to serving the rehabilitation and intervention needs of people with acute or chronic long-term pain. Dr. Dombrowski helps people manage their pain and resume more normal, productive lives.

Appointments are carefully scheduled so that patients and doctor alike are not rushed or kept waiting. We “inform before we perform,” to ensure that patients know their options. The practice was awarded the “On-Time Physicians Award” in 2009 from the Patients Choice. He continues to be awarded Top Physician in Washingtonian Magazine and Checkbook Magazine.

Patient Care

We strive to make every visit to our office relaxing and comfortable for you. To facilitate this goal, we offer a variety of anesthetics and pain management techniques selected according to the procedure and your needs. We choose from the most modern materials and techniques available to provide you with the highest quality care and results based on your individual situation.

The Washington Pain Center provides comprehensive, specialized care in a compassionate setting. With its interdisciplinary team approach to pain management, our physician helps people with chronic pain exceed their perceived limitations as well as eliminate harmful behaviors and replace them with healthy living.

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About Privia Medical Group

Our practice is a proud member of Privia Medical Group - a physician-led, multi-speciality, national medical group. The nation’s top primary care physicians and specialists came together to form Privia Medical Group and share in the mission of providing better, more coordinated care to patients.

Our group focuses on taking accountability for the health and wellness of the patients we serve. We use some of the latest advances in medicine to help our patients remain healthy and better manage disease by offering our patients access to innovative health management technologies, proactive team-based care, and an evidenced-based, patient-centered approach.

Here’s what sets Privia Medical Group apart from traditional practices:

Top Doctors
  • Nationally recognized top physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Physician-led, high-performance medical group
  • Unhurried, comprehensive visits, with time to develop the right care plan
  • Personalized care that exceeds your expectations

Proactive Care

Collaborative, team-based medical group
Staffed with Health Coaches, Nurse Educators, Pharmacists, and Care Managers
Same-day/next-day appointments available
Care reminders and alerts
Check ins with clinical experts between your office visits

Convenient Technology
  • Book appointments and renew prescriptions online
  • Send and receive secure messages with your care team
  • Secure access to electronic medical records
  • Pay your invoices by credit card, securely and conveniently

State-of-the Art Security and Privacy

We go to extreme lengths to ensure our patients’ information remains confidential and secure.

Not only is our team trained in modern privacy standards (such as HIPAA and PCI compliance), but we also keep your information secure with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption, firewalls, secure servers (including 24/7 surveillance and biometric access), and many more measures to ensure your information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

To learn more about Privia Medical Group and find other Privia doctors, please visit our website

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